National Truffles Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 2nd


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About the Holiday

National Truffles Day celebrates these fancy, soft, and typically chocolate candies. Our research showed that while some celebrate the expensive culinary delicacy from the fungus family (aka white or black Truffle mushroom) the vast majority celebrate the candy truffle.

Chocolate truffles were invented in France by Louis Dufour in 1895 though became popular in 1902 when Prestat Chocolate Shop opened in London. The three main types of truffles are American, European, and Swiss. Truffles are made with a ganache center and are coated with chocolate, cocoa powder, nuts, or coconut. The center of truffles may be filled with liquor, caramel, fudge, fruit, nuts, marshmallow, nougat, or toffee.

Gift Guidelines

  • Box of truffles
  • Gift card to Lindt or Godiva

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