National Noodle Ring Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 11th


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About the Holiday

National Noodle Ring Day is a day to celebrate that circular pasta that you grew to love as a kid. Celebrate today by enjoying a big bowl of soup with tons of fun noodle rings, or a big can of SpaghettiOs. You can put sliced tomatoes in for added vitamins. Besides Original Spaghettios they also come in a variety of cans. Some include:

  • SpaghettiOs® A to Z’s
  • SpaghettiOs® with Meatballs
  • SpaghettiOs® with Sliced Franks
  • SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium
  • SpaghettiOs® Star Wars® Shaped Pasta
  • SpaghettiOs® Disney® Princesses

Even though today is Noodle Ring Day if you don't have any ring noodles on hand enjoy your favorite pasta dish. Make sure you go around today singing "Uh-oh! SpaghettiOs!"

Gift Guidelines

  • Make Dinner with lots of Ring Noodles
  • Pasta Maker
  • Vintage Campbell's Sign

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