National Noodle Day

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When Celebrated

Always on October 6th


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About the Holiday

National Noodle Day celebrates the vast variety of noodle. Noodles are a staple dish in many Italian and Asian dishes. The word noodle comes from the German word nudel. The main ingredients for noodles are typically any type of flour, water, and eggs. Noodles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Noodles are typically boiled in water though can also be pan fried. The best way to keep noodles from sticking together is by adding salt to the water and stirring while they're boiling.

There are countless types of noodles. Just to name a few...spaghetti, fusilli, farfalle, rotini, macaroni, manicotti, vermicelli, lasagna, rigatoni, fettuccine, penne, ravioli, tortellini, shells, ziti, and angel hair.

Gift Guidelines

  • Pasta maker
  • Box or package of noodles
  • Can of SpaghettiO's

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