National Garage Sale Day

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When Celebrated

Always the second Saturday of August


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About the Holiday

National Garage Sale Day celebrates this bargain shopping "One man's trash is another man's treasure" kind of day. C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama came up with the idea of this holiday in 2001 after he noticed neighbors having garage sales on different days. He figured it would be more convenient for neighbors to have garage sales on the same weekend.

Advice for shopping garage sales:

- check papers and signs and map out plan as to what garage sales you want to hit. Go early as "the early bird gets the worm"

- wear comfortable shoes

- bring small bills like $1s, $5s, and maybe some $10s and $20s as many sellers don't carry a lot of change

- be prepared to haggle

Advice for having a successful garage sale:

- advertise in local paper and put signs out ahead of time

- place items with more appeal closer to curb to entice buyers to shop

- sort clothing by gender and size and if possible hang on hangers

- have batteries available as well as plugs so shoppers can test product prior to purchase

Any items leftover, unless you want to have another garage sale, donate to a local thrift store or shelter. They are usually a tax write off and you'll be helping those less fortunate.

Gift Guidelines

  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Map

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