National Eggs Benedict Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 16th


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About the Holiday

National Eggs Benedict Day celebrates this delicious breakfast, brunch, or lunch meal consisting of toasted English muffin half, Canadian bacon, poached egg, and Hollandaise sauce with of sprinkle of paprika. According to a 1942 New Yorker Magazine article Eggs Benedict came about 1894 when a hungover Wall Street broker named Lemuel Benedict went to the Waldorf Hotel to order something that would help his hangover. He ordered “some buttered toast, crisp bacon, two poached eggs, and a hooker of hollandaise sauce”. The chef, Oscar Tschirky, was so impressed he put it on the breakfast and lunch menu, substituted English muffin for toast, Canadian bacon for crisp bacon and named it after this customer Mr. Benedict.

The are many variations of Eggs Benedict which include Eggs Florentine, Eggs Blackstone, Eggs Maryland, Waldorf Style Eggs, Norwegian Eggs, Artichoke Eggs, Asparagus Eggs, Eggs Portuguese, Eggs Sardou, and Country Eggs Benedict.

Gift Guidelines

  • Gift certificate to breakfast place
  • Ingredients to make Eggs Benedict
  • Egg poacher

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