Ice Cream Soda Day

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When Celebrated

Always on June 20th


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About the Holiday

Can you picture it? A large glass, filled to the brim, bubbles on top with mounds of ice cream bobbing in the center - a drip slowly rolling from the top, and through the condensation. Is your mouth watering yet? Go straight to your favorite ice cream shop and celebrate Ice Cream Soda Day, quick! This delicious concoction was created in 1874 in Philadelphia when a soda fountain vendor was being outsold by a competitor - after a few experiments to differentiate his product, he stumbled upon this runaway hit. Got a favorite flavor? Some of the most popular include the Coke or Root Beer Float, the Purple Cow, the Snow White or the Sherbert Cooler. Whatever "floats your boat" (or your tastebuds), it's the perfect summer-time treat.

Gift Guidelines

  • An Ice Cream Soda

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