Don't go to Work Unless it's Fun Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 3rd


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About the Holiday

Don't go to Work Unless It's Fun Day is just that, if it's fun, go to work. If it's not, then don't go. However, make sure that you don't lose your job if you don't show up. You could also make sure that it will be a fun day at work by having some type of activity or game. Employers especially should create a reason for it to be a fun on this day so that everyone is sure to come to work.

While we definitely like the concept of this holiday, it does appear to be significantly redundant with International Fun at Work Day which is usually celebrated on April 1st. It seems overkill to have two holidays so similar, so close together -- especially when asking your employer for a fun day.

Based on this, we feel that one of these holidays should be depreciated. Which one? Our vote is for dropping this holiday in favor of International Fun at Work Day based on the following...

  1. One of the primary things that we feel makes a holiday a holiday, is the back story. Basically, how did the holiday get started? Who was behind it? With International Fun at Work Day we've been able to find its origin, while with this one we haven't been able to find any info about it.
  2. Having date significance is another important factor. While International Fun at Work Day is celebrated on April 1st which is a great tie-in to April Fools Day, we've found no date tie-in for Don't go to Work Unless it's Fun Day.
  3. Most workplace holidays are celebrated during the work week. For this holiday, many times April 3rd will be on a weekend, which for many people is not much of a celebration on those years. Whereas International Fun at Work Day is usually celebrated on April 1st, but if April 1 falls on a weekend, then it's the first Thursday in April.

Gift Guidelines

  • Gag gift for the office
  • Office toy

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