Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

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When Celebrated

Always the last Monday of January


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About the Holiday

The holiday season may be over, though with many people having gifts shipped to them, it's likely that most of us still have some left over bubble wrap. Many will keep it to reuse, while some keep it simply for the fun of popping it. Enter Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, the perfect holiday to either pop that left over bubble wrap or to discover and appreciate its many uses.

Bubble wrap was invented by two engineers in New Jersey, in 1957, who originally planned to make it into a type of wall paper. Later they incorporated the Sealed Air Corporation in 1960. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day started in 2001 at a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana. While bubble wrap is admittedly addictively fun to pop, it's intended use of protecting valuables like vases, stemware, and dishes comes in handy as well.

Gift Guidelines

  • Bubble wrap or a gift wrapped in bubble wrap

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