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Choosing a gift can be a challenge anytime, but even more so if your loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Even the most eloquent struggle when it comes to knowing what to do or say when someone close to them becomes sick. Of course you want to send a special gift, but how do you know what to give?

[edit] Gift Ideas for a Close Friend

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Before deciding on a gift, you must consider the personality of the patient and your relationship with them. Some are comforted by lots of attention and the constant influx of gifts with expressions of sympathy while others prefer to be treated the same as always. To the latter, a sentimental gift can serve as more of a constant reminder of her illness than as a gift. A more practical gift of medical necessity may be more appreciated. Being sensitive to your recipient’s feelings will help determine what type of gift to give. For the closest of friends, a show of support with the gift of your time and presence can be the best gift of all.

Here are some gift ideas for those special friendships:
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  • For a close friend, nothing means more than your presence. It is important that friends are available for frank discussions. While it is sometimes too emotional for your friend to share her thoughts and feelings with family members, a friend can be her greatest confidant. One cancer patient said after diagnosis, “You find out who your real friends are”. Show your support by researching positive survivor stories and sharing them with her.
  • Losing hair is extremely hard. A trip to the wig shop with girlfriends for help in choosing the perfect wig can make it less traumatic. Consider chipping in for a gift certificate or plan a hat party. Arrive wearing different styles of hats, leaving the hats as gifts.
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  • Offer to clean her house. Your friend's job right now is to heal, not to be overwhelmed by day-to-day household chores. If you want to include a gift, consider the Pink Upright Vacuum by Dyson, or the Limited Edition Pink Steam Iron from Rowents. KitchenAid offers a whole line of Cook for the Cure kitchen appliances and housewares.
  • If your friend has children, offer to baby-sit or take the children on an outing once a week. This gives her quiet time to rest and is fun for the children.
  • A trip with girlfriends can be just what the doctor ordered. If she is too tired to go out, throw a slumber party. Arrive in pink P.J.’s and slippers with the gift of a matching set for her. Eat junk food, play board games, watch movies and share laughter.
  • Stay connected. Keep sending cards and notes to show you care. Consider small gifts to mark her milestones - a small gift or a card left in her mailbox each day of a chemotherapy treatment can boost her spirits and remind her that you are with her every inch of the way. Most importantly, treat her as you always have – after all, she is still the same person, just experiencing a bump in the road of life.

[edit] Gift Ideas for an Acquaintance

For the more casual friendship or acquaintance to let them know you care, you may find some of these ideas helpful:

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  • Gift baskets. Themed gift baskets for the family are a great idea. A movie basket filled with comedy DVDs, Blockbuster coupons, candy and popcorn can be medicine in the form of laughter for whole family. Though it may not cure cancer, it can temporarily take away worry and relieve the stress.
  • Books. True stories of those who have survived cancer can be a great inspiration. Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul or I’m Alive and the Doctor’s Dead are good choices for anyone facing cancer.
  • Gift certificates to fast foods or restaurants surrounding her treatment clinic and hospital are thoughtful ideas. Also, a gift certificate from her favorite grocery store is always appreciated.
  • Flowers are the traditional gift for the sick and hospitalized. Although appropriate at the time of diagnosis, look for other to say you care once treatment has begun. The patient's immune system will be compromised and certain living plants and flowers are not allowed.
  • Gifts of Food. Meals are always well received and helpful for the family. Try to target what the family would enjoy - if there are children, then having pizza delivered is a great idea. Simple dish meals like spaghetti, lasagna, pot roast or soup work best. Again, remember that once treatment has begun, the patient may not be allowed to eat fresh salad, fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

As a breast cancer patient, your loved one realizes that she has received the best gift of all - the gift of life. For her, every day that passes is a gift. From that fateful day of diagnosis, her world, her thoughts, and her priorities have changed. She knows that she owes her existence to modern medicine. And so, to continually support her, give the Gift of Pink.

[edit] The Gift of Pink

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It is moving to see friends and relatives supporting breast cancer awareness by sporting pink ribbons, bracelets, and t-shirts. There are pink golf balls, pink ribbon wine bottle stoppers, socks, hats, handbags, ear rings, pins & brooches, wallets… and the list goes on. A portion of the purchase price of these pink items funds research, while the color pink serves as a reminder that you can help find a cure for breast cancer. Just knowing that people care and want to show their support goes a long way in helping her to heal.

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Did you know that in the United States…

Every three minutes there is a new diagnosis of invasive breast cancer.[2]

A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. [3]

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