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When Celebrated

Always on October 16th unless the holiday falls on a weekend, then it is generally celebrated on the closest working day.


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About the Holiday

Boss's Day is a day to let your boss know how much you appreciate working for them and thank them for their kind and fair principles in the workplace. Boss's Day was created by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958. She picked October 16th since this was her boss's birthday. Her boss was her father. This holiday has been criticized as a Hallmark holiday, however, Hallmark didn't start making cards for this holiday until 1979. Use this link to learn more about the history of National Boss Day.

Gift Guidelines

  • Personalized Best Boss Magazine Cover
  • caricature of them at their desk or enjoying their favorite activity
  • A gift basket with their favorite snacks
  • A decision maker dartboard, ball, or dice

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