Be Electrific Day

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When Celebrated

Always on February 11th


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About the Holiday

Be Electrific Day honors the birthday of Thomas Edison who was the inventor of the light bulb, held over 1,000 patents and was the founder of General Electric, now known as GE. This holiday was founded in 1998 by Carolyn Finch to encourage each of us to explore our body electricity. Without electricity, we wouldn't be alive as electric energy powers our brain and sends signals throughout our body via the nervous system.

To celebrate this holiday on an intellectual level, use this day to learn more about how electricity is used by our body. Or, if the non-intellect route is more your style, you can rub balloons on your hair to make it stand up, or drag your feet on the carpet to shock the unexpecting.

Gift Guidelines

  • Balloons
  • Light bulb
  • Electricity kit

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