World Turtle Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 23rd


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About the Holiday

World Turtle Day is a day to appreciate the turtle and tortoise and to bring recognition and respect to turtles and tortoises throughout the world. Due to habitat destruction and the pet trade, many turtles are endangered. Of the 55 turtle species native to the US and its coastal waters, 45% require conservation and 38% either are protected or candidates to be protected.[1]

This origin of this holiday dates back to 2000, when the Susan Tellem and her husband Marshall Thompson founded World Turtle Day. Prior to the founding of this holiday, they had founded the American Tortoise Rescue in 1990.[2]

Gift Guidelines

  • A turtle sculpture, wall hanging or other artwork
  • Turtle, tortoise or sea turtle jewelry
  • DVD about turtles / tortoises
  • Make a donation to the American Tortoise Rescue on the recipient's behalf

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