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If you're looking for a gift that's trendy, popular, the most talked about, or the most wanted, then this guide of hot gifts in 2012 may help you find it!


Samsung Galaxy III
Over last few years, the iPhone series has been the best selling high-end phone. Though as of August, 2012 that honor now belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S III. With a bigger screen and a new bump to share feature, this Android smart phone is hot.


The OtterBox
Nowadays, the only thing as common as a smart phone, is a cracked smart phone. They're sophisticated, but they just don't stand-up to the inevitable beating that their predecessors did. Enter the OtterBox. These add-on cases are built to absorb some of the cruelest punishments, but still keep your phone intact. They even have a number of YouTube videos showing off their protective abilities.


The Hunger Games
This year's blockbuster, The Hunger Games, taken from the book series by Suzanne Collins, was this year's most anticipated film. The next one in the series, Catching Fire is due out in 2013. Other popular releases this year include The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man.


An honorable mention last year, Minecraft gets top billing this year. A good indication that something is popular is that it make it's way to other non-related items. Such is the case with Minecraft as it now has LEGOs, jewelry, t-shirts, foam toys and even scarves adorning the distinct virtual building blocks. If you're shopping for boys ages 8-14 who like to build, they'll probably like this. Honorable mention to Halo 4.


Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse
Currently in 5th place on Walmart.com's Hotest Toys for 2012, Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse proves the housing crises hasn't affected everyone. Requires batteries and assembly. For ages 3 and up.

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WeMo Baby Monitor
Looking for a unique idea for new parents? Look no further than the WeMo Baby Monitor that uses Wi-Fi to turn your iPhone or iPad into a high-tech baby monitor. Allows you to stay connected while at home or away.


Beats Pill
At less than 10 inches long, Beats Pill delivers big sound for such a small size. It can connect to your Android or iPhone via Blue Tooth or NFC. And, it's battery powered, lasting around 6-7 hours for true portability. Lastly, it can also double as a speaker phone.


USB Bracelet
With the USB bracelet high-tech meets high-fashion. Not only does it look cool, but it's also practical as anecdotal evidence suggests that kids are less likely to forget or lose it.


Recycled Wine Bottles
The eco-friendly trend has been building for a few years. This year, we've seen an abundance of clever re-purposed wine bottles. From serving platters to candle holders, trivets, flower vases, cups, and lamps, there are now plenty of creative ways to turn this commonly discarded item into an enjoyed gift.


Zoku Quick Pop Maker
With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, putting Kool-Aid into Dixie cups is so 1970s. This kit makes it easy to for the kids (and adults) to be creative with their popsicle making. Also, with this kit, no more waiting a few hours until they're ready -- 6-10 minutes and they're good to go.


Fuf Foam Bean Bag Chair
In another 1970s item, the bean bag chair is reinvented with Fuf Foam Bean Bag Chairs and Sofas. Instead of beans, memory foam is used to provide more support and comfort. Chair can be re-fuffed again and again for custom comfort.


Back in 1998, Furby was one of the hottest toys around. Released again for 2012, it looks like the new Furby is up to his/her/its old tricks as reports of Furby shortages come in from Walmat.com and even Amazon is said to be in low supply. Like the classic version, this new ones can communicate in it's Furbish language with other nearby Furbys and can also respond to human voices and touch. Newly added features include animated LED eyes, more body movement and even different personalities that respond to how you treat it.


The Corkcicle is a proud member of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2012 and we like it too. It makes a great host/hostess gift and is a better solution than those messy ice buckets. Use it to keep a white wine chilled or to cool a red wine. So simple, yet so ingenious.


iPad 3
Over the past few years, no what's hot list would be complete without a mention of Apple's latest and greatest. Their newest products haven't have had quite the same wow factor as in the past, though they still are among the most popular gifts. This year is no exception with the iPad 3 being the best selling tablet on the market.


Nabi 2
The Nabi 2 is an actual Android tablet disguised as a kiddie tablet. It has a bumper for extra durability and a special kiddie interface that Mom and Dad can configure to restrict access to only their approved apps. It has Wi-Fi capability and can even be used to Skype Grandma and Grandpa. It can also be taken out of kiddie mode for a more normal tablet experience.


Spicy Peppers
Speaking of What's Hot, this year's list wouldn't be complete without spicy peppers. Growing from cult following status, more people are looking for heat in what they eat. From salsas, sauces, rubs, powders, wings and now even chocolates and beer, there are now many products that help people in their quest for achieving the pain/pleasure balance. If you know someone who enjoys heat, you can go the food and flavors route, or even other pepper paraphernalia such as t-shirts, signs, decorative lights, mouse pads and even jewelry.

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