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If you are having trouble finding a gift that is the trendy, popular, or most talked about gift, then this guide of what's hot products will help you to find that perfect hip gift.

Kindle.jpg Kindle Wireless Reading Device
The Kindle will change the way you read your favorite books, enjoy your morning paper, and read your favorite magazines. This remarkable product from Amazon will make the perfect gift for anybody that loves reading.
ChumbyLatte.png Chumby Compact Wi-Fi Device
Chumby will be your new best friend, this little device will wake you up and keep you connected to all you favorite websites. Chumby will make a great gift for anybody that loves to stay informed.
AppleiPod.jpg Apple iPod Touch or Apple iPod Nano 4th Generation
The Apple iPod Touch is a beautifully made product with tons of features, like widescreen display, WiFi networking, sleek design, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB capacity. The iPod nano-chromatic (4th generation) comes in an array of colors, and with new features like Genius which can create playlists by paring up songs in your library that will go great together. These amazing products will make the perfect gift for any music lover.
AppleMacbookAir.jpg Apple MacBook Air
If you have been looking for a good reason to get a laptop, then the excuse has arrived. The Apple MacBook Air may be the thinnest laptop around, but it is packed full of features. Not only does this laptop have aesthetic beauty it was designed with the environment in mind.
SonyBluRay.jpg Sony Blu-ray Disc Player
If you have not updated your home entertainment center, now is the time to upgrade. This Blu-ray disc player will have you enjoying movies at a whole new level, but do not worry you can still watch your standard DVD's. With the formatting wars it is now time to commit and upgrade, it is worth it so you can experience a "Blu-ray moment".
WiiGuitarHeroIII.jpg Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit
If you have a rock star inside you then the Guitar Hero III Bundle for Wii will have you rocking out to some of the greatest rock legends. If you've been hooked by the Guitar Hero phenomenon then this one will have you loving the game even more as you face legends of rock in battle mode.
WiiConsole.jpg Nintendo Wii
If you have not bought a Nintendo Wii now is the time to get one. The games that Nintendo continues to release for the Wii just keep getting better. The Wii is great for anybody from hardcore gamers to the senior citizen activity center, and for family game night.
Cobalt Blue or Metallic Rose Nintendo DS Lite
Has your kid been bugging you to get a Nintendo DS then get them one in the hottest color, Colbalt Blue. They will be so excited to get this super-sleek potable video game!
WiiFit.jpg Wii Fit
Time to get in fit while playing video games, with Wii Fit you can do yoga, strength training, aerobics, and build your balance. For those people that always said that playing video games can make you gain weight, well not with Wii Fit.
Playstation 3 80GB
For that gamer that also loves movies and surfing the web then the Playstation 3 80GB is the perfect gift. This awesome gaming console offers high-definition entertainment, plenty of storage for games, and you can surf the web using your TV.
HelloKittyClock.jpg Punk Hello Kitty
The cute kitty meets punk style! This Hello Kitty Kuromi Heart Alarm Clock is not the only product being offered that displays the kitty with style. You can find apparel, jewelry, electronics, even a Fender guitar with the punk-styled kitty. The Hello Kitty products are great for tweens, teens, and even adults.
HannahMontanaWallHanging.jpg Hannah Montana
If you do not already know Hannah Montana is so popular with young girls that they want to dress like her, play video games staring her, and pay huge amounts for her concert tickets. You can even decorate your child's bedroom with Hannah Montana Wall Art so they can show everybody what huge fans they are.
JuicyToteBag.jpg Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture clothing and accessories are popular for men, women, children, and even your family pet. Thanks to the influence of Hollywood celebutantes, like Paris Hilton designer duds for dogs has became increasingly popular. So, welcome the new four-legged addition to your family with this Juicy Couture Puppy Gift Set. It has everything your pampered, precious pooch needs to feel right at home.
EdHardy.jpg Ed Hardy
For those fashion trendsetter's the Ed Hardy Clothing is all the rage. This clothing line is popular among celebrities and the combination of trendy tattoo-inspired styles and bold colors has made this a sought after brand for anyone that loves the hottest styles.
YogaPoster.jpg Yoga & Pilates
Living healthier lifestyles has motivated people to find different forms of exercise, that they enjoy and will incorporate into their everyday lives. Yoga and Pilates are just some of the forms of exercise that are very popular. These Yoga Poses Posters can help anyone perfect there Upward Facing Dog. Personal Trainers and 24-hour fitness centers have became very popular for those who need motivation or are stretched on time.
TheEnviornmentmag.jpg Green Living
Being concerned about our environment has been a much debated topic for awhile now. Awareness of environmental issues has made living green lifestyles more important to everyone. Going Green has now become easier than ever, and you can find products that can help you be eco-conscious in everything you do. E: The Environmental Magazine can help you stay informed on what's new with "Living Green".
EyeClopsNightVision.jpg EyeClops Night Vision Goggles
Do you have kids young or old that love to plan covert operations? Then the EyeClops Night Vision Goggles will make a great gift for that future member of the Special Forces. These goggles use real night vision technology for some night time backyard surveillance.
PleoRobot.jpg Pleo Robot
Man's best friend may just be a cute one week-old dinosaur, PLEO will make a perfect addition to any family. PLEO has personality, he can also change his moods, be trained, and with additional downloads his capabilities will continue to grow.
ElmoLive.jpg Elmo Live
Everybody loves super cute Elmo, with all the rage of the infamous Tickle Me Elmo you know that Elmo Live will be loved by kids young and old. This Elmo is full of jokes and is sure to bring a smile to your little ones face.
Leapfrogtapreadingsystem.jpg LeapFrog Tag Reading System
This educational toy will help your Pre-schooler have fun while learning how to read. The LeapFrog Tag Reading System] is a touch reading system that will bring your child's stories to life.

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