Talk to a Telemarketer Day

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When Celebrated

Always on July 16th


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About the Holiday

At first glance Talk to a Telemarketer Day doesn't seem like much of a holiday, though, in the right frame of mind it could actually prove quite entertaining. Have some fun with it and see how long it takes before you can get them to hang up on you. Here's a few things that you can do/say to get things going...

  • Be really interested in their offering, but never buy. Just keep asking more questions and telling them how amazing it is.
  • Pretend that you can't understand what it is they are talking about. Ask questions about the product that totally misinterpret the meaning of their offering.
  • Keep changing the subject to something off-topic like weather, sports, politics, religion, family.
  • Tell them a long pointless story about your job or your childhood.
  • Ask them in a provocative voice, "What are you wearing?"
  • Ask them to buy something from you.

Gift Guidelines

  • "Jerky Boys" CD
  • Phone headset

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