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When Celebrated

Always on April 23rd


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About the Holiday

Hear ye, hear ye! By proclamation of the lordship of Chicago, April 23rd shall henceforth be known as Talk Like Shakespeare Day. On 'tis day, thou should talketh in a more civilized and Shakespearian manner. 'Tis day, first declared in 2009 by his majesty, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, received international press coverage and quickly spread to kingdoms and townships across our fair land. In beholding to tradition, each year the current Chicago Mayor continues to proclaimeth 'tis day.

April 23rd was chosen for this holiday, because many believe it to be William Shakespeare's birthday. Some resources show the date as April 26th, the day he was baptised. While his actual birthdate is unknown, it's traditionally observed on April 23rd, as during that time period children were traditionally baptised three days after they were born.

If thou in need of some help with learning how to talketh like Shakespeare, then check out, the official holiday website.

Gift Guidelines

  • Shakespeare Books
  • Shakespeare T-Shirt
  • Shakespeare Jewelry

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