Take it in the Ear Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 8th


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About the Holiday

Take it in the Ear Day is a day to celebrate... Well, we really don't know what. We couldn't find any information on what this day is for or why it was created. We saw some reference that EAR was misspelled but that was it. There could be many interpretations, let someone yell at you without responding, giving/getting Wet Willy's, whatever you want to take in your ear today (or give to someone else's ear). The whole idea about all these holidays is to have fun, so do what you want with this day, just have fun!

Gift Guidelines

  • Ear or hearing related gifts

December Info & More Holidays

Birthstone: Birthstoneturquoise.jpg
Flower: WhiteNarcissus.jpg
Nov 22 - Dec 21


Dec 22 - Jan 19