System Administrator Appreciation Day

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When Celebrated

Always last Friday in July


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About the Holiday

Are your computers a little slow today? Internet a little flaky? Getting weird warning messages? Perhaps, you may have overlooked that the last Friday in July is Systems Administration Appreciation Day (or SAAD).

This holiday was first celebrated on July 28, 2000 and has an official website. This holiday was originated by Ted Kekatos who saw an HP LaserJet Advertisement in a magazine with people giving gifts to the IT person and wondered, "where's my gift?" Later that night he decided, he and his fellow IT professionals deserved a special day too.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • Day off
  • Office party
  • Raise/bonus
  • New tablet computer
  • Tech gadget
  • Gift certificate to ThinkGeek
  • Donuts in the break room
  • Fruit basket
  • Flowers

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  1. SysAdminDay: About Us

July Info & More Holidays

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