Spinach Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 26th


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About the Holiday

Spinach Day honors the green veggie that some love to hate, but others can't get enough of. This leafy, flowering plant was actually native to Asia, made it's way to Europe in the 12th century, and wasn't introduced to the rest of the world until the 1920s. Made famous by the "Popeye the Sailor Man" cartoon, spinach has been thought of as an iron knockout, but in reality it holds less than people think. This was in part due to a German scientist who incorrectly placed a decimal point when publishing his spinach research, indicating the leafy green had 10 times as much iron as it truly does. Nevertheless, when Mom tells you to eat your spinach because it's good for you, she's still right.

Gift Guidelines

  • Spinach souffle
  • Spinach salad
  • Popeye doll

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