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When Celebrated

Always on September 3rd


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About the Holiday

Skyscraper Day was originated to recognize and appreciate all the skyscrapers in the world. The tallest skyscraper is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (soon to be passed by Sky City in China when complete), and the US has two buildings on the World's Ten Tallest Buildings list. However, with more advancement comes more competition and an ever-changing top ten list. The focus of this day is on the lovers of the city and the skyscrapers, and definitely for those who participated in building of all these magnificent structures.

The date chosen for this holiday has significance as September 3rd, 1856 is the birthday of Louis Sullivan who is known as the "father of skyscrapers". He also coined the phrase "form follows function" to guide the principles of buildings being designed based on practical needs, rather than on aesthetics.

Gift Guidelines

  • A skyscraper replica
  • Tour of a skyscraper

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