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When Celebrated

Always on the third Monday of June


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About the Holiday

Ride to Work Day is a day where you should ride your motorcycle or scooter to work and use it for your transportation needs for the day. It's a day to raise awareness for the motorcycle as a viable mode of practical transportation. It also could be viewed to have environmental benefit as well, seeing as they use far less gas than a car and cause less highway congestion.

This holiday originated when Andy Goldfine sent a "Work to Ride, Ride to Work" t-shirt and sent it to Fred Rau, the editor of Road Rider magazine. As a result, Fred came up with the idea for a National Ride to Work Day[1] and the first one was held on July 22nd, 1992.[2]

Gift Guidelines

  • Motorcycle t-shirt
  • Motorcycle coffee mug
  • Model or picture of famous motorcycle
  • A motorized scooter

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