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When Celebrated

Always on June 3rd


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About the Holiday

Repeat Day is a day to do something over and over again. Just keep repeating, preferably something that you like to do. A good idea would be to choose a snack that you enjoy. Repeat eating that snack over and over again. You should avoid things that you don't like because you don't want to keep repeating something that is not enjoyable.

Another idea would be to repeat what you did yesterday. Most years, June 2nd is National Leave the Office Earlier Day, so technically, you should be able to use Repeat Day to celebrate that holiday a second day in a row.

Gift Guidelines

  • The Groundhog Day movie
  • DVD of TV series they've already seen (and liked): Twilight Zone, Seinfeld, etc.
  • Stuffed animal parrot

June Info & More Holidays

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