Plan Your Epitaph Day

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When Celebrated

Always on November 2nd


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About the Holiday

Plan Your Epitaph Day is a day to decide what should be written on your gravestone. This is a message that represents how you would like people to remember you. So today is the day, as weird as it may be, to create your epitaph. By making these plans ahead of time, you'll be giving your family a wonderful gift by helping to reduce stress in their time of grief. That, and you never know what they may decide to put on your tombstone if you were to leave it up to them. ;)

Also, figuring out how you want to be remembered when the time comes (hopefully a long time from now), can help to give your life and important decisions more clarity and purpose.

Gift Guidelines

  • Funeral planning guide
  • Book of famous quotes
  • Book on philosophy
  • An exciting experience

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