Pepper Pot Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 29th


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About the Holiday

Pepper Pot Day celebrates the soup that was served to the Continental Army during the war in 1777-1778. The legend is that George Washington asked the army chef to make a meal that would keep the troops warm and boost their moral. It's said that a West Indies recipe that was brought to Philadelphia was modified to include tripe and Washington's Pepper Pot Soup was created and is credited with being "the soup that won the war."

If you're interested in making your own, here's a link to the authentic recipe version that is shown in the above picture. Or, if you happen to be in Philadelphia, you can try the West Indies Pepper Pot version at the historic City Tavern where Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Paul Revere all had dined.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • Make some Pepper Pot Soup
  • Soup bowls

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  1. City Tavern -- Here's where the elite came to eat. It's still a great place for a great meal!

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