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When Celebrated

Always on May 29th


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About the Holiday

Paper Clip Day honors that little piece of wire that keeps our papers tidy and organized. Fastening papers together is believed to have started back in the 13th century when short pieces of ribbon were placed through parallel cuts in the upper left hand corner of pages. But most people credit Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian inventor with a degree in electronics, science and mathematics, for creating the paper clip back in 1899. His invention was wire with only one turn, unlike the one that we use today which has two turns.

This is the day to appreciate those little pieces of wire, so celebrate by using paper clips as much as possible, and not just for keeping your papers together. There are many other uses for paper clips such as the following:

  • Hair Barrette
  • Zipper Pull Replacement
  • Book Marker
  • Cherry Pit Remover
  • Unclogging Glue Bottles
  • Christmas Tree Ornament Hooks

Gift Guidelines

  • Box of Paper Clips
  • Box of Colored Paper Clips
  • Paper Clip Holder

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