Pack Rat Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 17th


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About the Holiday

Pack Rat Day is a day to celebrate those people who keep everything, because they may use it someday. For the many of us who have "pack rat" tendencies, the biggest problem is finding a place to store all the "stuff" that we accumulate. If you're being overrun by lots of "stuff" that may be used "someday", then this holiday provides the perfect opportunity to take action. You could use this day as an excuse to go through the clutter and do a yearly purge. Or, this could be your motivation to organize the miscellaneous and take it to storage. On the other hand, this day could be used to simply celebrate your or someone's "pack-ratyness"! What to serve for such a celebration? How about Sloppy Joes with Dirty Martinis.

Gift Guidelines

  • The book "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things" or similar books
  • Storage containers
  • Hefty bags
  • Gift certificate to a storage place

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