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When Celebrated

Always on January 25th


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About the Holiday

Opposite Day is the day where everything has the opposite meaning. It's a day when yes means no and no means yes -- unless you're talking to a woman and no always means no (though today, yes could technically mean no, so be careful). Celebrate this day by doing everything opposite, like telling your spouse that you don't love them, or eating dessert before dinner, or wearing pj's to work instead of a suit. It's all about fun, but make sure that everyone knows that it's Opposite Day*. If not, you could possibly end up in marriage counseling or an insane asylum!

* Technically, you can't tell anyone that it's Opposite Day on Opposite Day, because that would mean that it's not Opposite Day (which would then be the opposite of Opposite Day, but here we infinitely digress). To stay true to the holiday, you'd have to let someone know prior to the start of the day, or point them to this page. Then, when they say "Oh... It's Opposite Day.", you'd say "No, it's not."

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