National Waiters and Waitresses Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 21st


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About the Holiday

Here's a tip... May 21st just happens to be National Waiters and Waitresses Day. The great part is you get to celebrate by dining out! If you enjoy your service*, be sure to recognize the waiter or waitress by being exceptionally nice. Let them know that you appreciate the good service they gave. Most importantly, make sure to show your appreciation when it comes to the tip, as proper tipping helps to keep the good waiters/waitresses happily serving while encouraging the not-so-good ones to find a more suitable line of work.

Even though our research did not find an origin for this holiday, it is definitely a fun one to celebrate.

* if the service doesn't get off to a good start, consider having some beer or wine as that can sometimes help

Gift Guidelines

  • Large tip
  • A compliment, pat on the back, or an attaboy
  • Let their manager know about the good service you received
  • If you are a "regular" get them a greeting card or a gift card

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