National Underwear Day

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When Celebrated

August 5th (Date varies during the first week of August)


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About the Holiday

To be "brief", National Underwear Day is a day to mention the unmentionables; celebrate the skivvy; and bless the bloomers! Created in 2003 by, an online retailer of men's and women's "intimates", Freshpair believes "this nation, if not the world, is ready to embrace their love for underwear". If you feel the same kind of love, and if you're lucky enough to be in New York City on this day, check out Times Square where the Freshpair models will be showing off their shorts, conducting polls, and petitioning for national recognition of this holiday.

There are some references to July 31st being the date for National Underwear Day, though, we've found significantly more references to the early August date.

Gift Guidelines

  • A "fresh pair" of underwear

August Info & More Holidays

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