National Traffic Directors Day

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When Celebrated

Always on November 2nd; unless on a weekend, then celebrated on following Monday


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About the Holiday

National Traffic Directors Day is a day to thank those who make our morning and afternoon commutes timelier and more informed. From the newscaster, to the person flying the helicopter, to the IT staff that crunches the data for the web, there are a lot of people who work to make our travel easier and more enjoyable.

We have not been able to find a conclusive origin for this holiday, though most evidence and inferences point to the Traffic Directors Guild of America, or the TDGA. The date chosen for this holiday coincides with date of the first commercial radio broadcast by KDKA in 1922.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • Gift basket, donuts, pizza or other community food
  • Thank you card
  • Thank you email

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  1. A few reflections on Traffic Director's Day!, November 2nd, 2010

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