National Tailors' Day

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When Celebrated

Always the first Wednesday in June


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About the Holiday

National Tailors' Day celebrates the people that made or altered your clothes to make them fit and look just right. explains that "a tailor works at altering clothing and apparel to fit a client/customer. They can make clothes as well and might be tasked with hemming and mending. Usually, a tailor will work more with suits and coats and even fancy dresses such as ball gowns."

Some common things a tailor does include:

  • shorten or lengthen a hem
  • shorten straps
  • shorten sleeves
  • add a hook or button to a blouse or shirt

If you're often told that you look marvelous, you may be wanting to send out a thank you on to your tailor. Even in today's more casual world, nothing brings out your best quite as well as a well-tailored suit. Celebrate this holiday by dressing up and thanking the person who keeps you looking good.

Gift Guidelines

  • Measuring tape
  • Thread and needles
  • Hangers
  • Scissors
  • Thimble

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