National Taffy Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 23rd


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About the Holiday

National Taffy Day is a day set aside to celebrate a delicious candy that is soft, chewy, and comes in many different flavors. The origins of taffy is one that is debated, but this chewy candy has been part of American life since the late 1800s. Salt water taffy was created in Atlantic City in 1883 by a shopkeeper on the boardwalk named David Bradley. In 1883 a storm surge flooded Bradley's store and covered his candy inventory in sea water, the day after the storm he was cleaning up when a girl entered the store and asked for a bag of taffy. With sarcasm he told the girl to help herself to his "salt water taffy", and the name stuck.

Gift Guidelines

  • Box of Laffy Taffy
  • Box of Assorted Salt Water Taffy

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