National Sacher Torte Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 5th


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About the Holiday

Didn't know that December 5th is National Sacher Torte Day? Not sure what Sacher Torte is? Neither were we until we researched the holiday. But we intrigued by the story of its creation and that the recipe for Sacher Torte is still a closely kept secret. Sacher Torte is a dense, bittersweet chocolate spongecake covered with a thin layer of chocolate.

It was the creation of the then 16 year old Franz Sacher in 1832. On that evening in 1832, he was in the mood for something dainty and made his famous chocolate cake that was the origin for a confection business and the Hotel Sacher.[1]

Gift Guidelines

  • Sacher Torte
  • Find an approximation for the Sacher Torte recipe online and make it

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  1. The New York Times: SACHER TORTE, VIENNESE DELIGHT by Paul Hofmann, January 16th, 1983

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