National Pet Owner's Day

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When Celebrated

Always on April 18th


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About the Holiday

There is very little information about the origins of National Pet Owners Day. Some refer to the day as Pet Owners Independence Day and suggest that the owners get to take the day off, while the pets go to work. Others suggest that it's a day where the pet owners are free to take their pets to work. We've found more references for this day simply being Pet Owners Day or National Pet Owners Day, so we're sticking with that.

Many blogs use this day to pay tribute to good pet owners or to advocate rescuing a pet from a shelter. With the day worded to honor pet owners, we wondered on our Facebook page if it was a day to turn the tables where Fluffy would get a gift for their owner. Though, one of our loyal followers pointed out that "The only present my dog ever leaves me is the kind ya wouldn't want!" Good point.

Gift Guidelines

  • Collage of a person's pet
  • Pet grooming supplies
  • Gift certificate to a pet care service
  • Gift certificate for dog training
  • Educational book on pet care

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