National Hunting and Fishing Day

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When Celebrated

Always the fourth Saturday in September


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About the Holiday

National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) is a day to enjoy the sport of hunting and fishing and meant to recognize that most hunters and fisherman are responsible and enthusiastic naturalists.

This holiday's origin dates back to the 1960s when Ira Joffe advocated a day of thanks for the outdoor sportsmen. In 1970, Pennsylvania Gov. Raymond Shafer adopted Joffe's idea and created Outdoor Sportsman's Day in the state. With the backing of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, holiday legislation was soon introduced. On May 2nd, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed the first proclamation of National Hunting and Fishing Day.[1] The holiday has its own website at

Gift Guidelines

  • Field and Stream magazine subscription
  • Hunting knife or other hunting gear
  • Fishing pole
  • Fishing lures or other tackle


  1. History, How a Good Idea Became a Great Tradition

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