National Hugging Day

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When Celebrated

Always on January 21st


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About the Holiday

National Hugging Day is a day to give and receive signs of love and affection with big hugs. A hug has universal meaning that express support, concern or just a way to say that you care. Rev. Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan created National Hugging Day back in 1986 and is a day that needs to be celebrated every day.

Hugging is good for your health as it can help lower blood pressure and releases the hormone oxytocin which helps reduce stress, calms you, and lowers anxiety. Hugging also releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine which put you in a better mood and help make you feel good. Research has also shown that longer hugs are better as they release more of those hormones. For best results, hug for seven seconds or more.

Gift Guidelines

  • Lots of Hugs
  • Bear Hugs
  • Cheek-to-Cheek Hugs
  • Romantic Hugs

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