National Get Out of the Dog House Day

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When Celebrated

Always the third Monday in July


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About the Holiday

Woof! Been feeling like a little cooped up in the old dog house lately? Then, National Get Out of the Dog House Day is for you. This is the day to make the extra effort to get yourself out.

Some blogs claim that today is like a get out of jail free card that will automatically get you out upon referencing this holiday. Though, we see it more of a day where the bar has been lowered to make it easier for you to say you've paid your penance and are ready to be released. For some help on helpful hints on demonstrating your readiness to leave the dog house, be sure to consult our article on I'm Sorry Gifts.

Gift Guidelines

  • Replica dog house or dog bone (as an acknowledgement that you're in the dog house and want out)
  • Dog leash (you're out of the the dreaded dog house but still on a short leash)
  • Flowers, chocolates or their favorite dessert (as a bribe to help you out of the dog house)

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