National Face Your Fears Day

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When Celebrated

Always the third Tuesday in October


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About the Holiday

National Face Your Fears Day is a day to help people identify, face and overcome their fears. Many people are held captive by their fears, this day is to encourage people to discover more about themselves, and the ways to overcome their fears. Today is about courage, facing your fear and taking control.

This holiday was created by Steve Hughes, the creator of the Hit Your Stride website. A reference to this holiday and it's founding are mentioned in an October 4th, 2007 blog post by Steve. The blog states the date of the holiday being the third Tuesday in October. However, there are many references on the web to it being celebrated on October 13th and a few of it being the second Tuesday in October. Curiously, this holiday and its date are not included on Steve's main Hit Your Stride website, though it does credit him as the creator of Be Kind to Lawyers Day.

Gift Guidelines

  • Books on Facing Fears
  • Sessions with a Therapist or Life Coach

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