National Ding-a-Ling Day

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When Celebrated

Always on December 12th


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About the Holiday

For some holidays, you're just stumped. Such is the case with National Ding-a-Ling Day. Is this holiday intended to honor your local Ding-a-Lings? Either for the comic value they provide, or that they make the rest of us look smarter. Or, was this holiday created to encourage the normally straight-laced to be a Ding-a-ling for a day. In our research, we haven't uncovered the origins of this day, so we're not sure. Thus, celebrate it based on what moves you.

Gift Guidelines

  • Gag gift
  • Surprise someone by doing something silly
  • Gift a gift to someone who's spontaneity lifts the spirits of those around them

December Info & More Holidays

Birthstone: Birthstoneturquoise.jpg
Flower: WhiteNarcissus.jpg
Nov 22 - Dec 21


Dec 22 - Jan 19