National Croissant Day

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When Celebrated

Always on January 30th


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About the Holiday

National Croissant Day celebrates these buttery, crescent-shaped, crisp on the outside soft on the inside rolls (or pastries). While often debated that croissants are from France they are said to have originated in the late 1600s by Turkish bakers that baked these breads in the shape of the crescent which is the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. Legend says that 100 years later Marie Antoinette (who married Louis XVI) introduced the pastry to the French who dubbed it a “croissant.”

Croissants may be eaten for breakfast plain, with butter and/or jam, chocolate, or as an egg sandwich or for lunch or dinner plain or as a sandwich.

Gift Guidelines

  • Store or bakery bought croissants
  • Gift card to Burger King (for croissan'wich)

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