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When Celebrated

Always on September 25th


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About the Holiday

Comics began with the first comic strip "The Yellow Kid" created by Richard Felton Outcault back in 1895 and have been an all time favorite since. You can see can an archive of those first comic strips here. The first actual comic book dates back to 1933 when Funnies on Parade was published. For the years to come, people have found humor, suspense, and action all wrapped up in the paperback thrillers. Many readers, young and old, still have their collections and their most recent releases. For these avid followers, National Comic Book Day is a great day to remind them that comics are cool.

We were unable to find the origin of National Comic Book Day, though we believe that it originated out of tribute to Richard Felton Outcault the creator of the first comic strip who passed away on September 25th, 1928.

Gift Guidelines

  • Collectors comic
  • Comic protectors
  • First edition comic

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