National Bowling Day

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When Celebrated

Always the second Saturday in August


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About the Holiday

National Bowling Day celebrates this sport that is played by rolling a heavy ball down a lane and the goal is to knock down as many pins as you can. Bowling terms most familiar include strike, spare, turkey (getting 3 strikes in a row), and bumpers (placed so ball does not go in the "gutter"). Professional Bowlers Association (aka PBA) has a list of (more than you can imagine) Bowling Lingo terms.

People of every age and gender bowl. Most U.S. cities have bowling alleys as well as bowling leagues. Some even have themed bowling like disco bowling nights. Bowling has been around for a long time. In ancient Egyptian times (3200-5000 BC) remains of small stones and large stone ball have been found. So today, dust off your bowling shoes, ball, and go to your neighborhood bowling alley and why not have beer and pizza while playing.

Gift Guidelines

  • Bowling shoes
  • Bowling ball
  • Bowling bag

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