National Biodiesel Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 18th


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About the Holiday

Yes, it's true, there is a National Biodiesel Day (not to be confused with International Biodiesel Day, which is celebrated in August)! In all seriousness, biodiesel is a clean burning fuel, produced right here in the U.S., which can be used in any diesel engine. And, it comes from 100% renewable resources, like soybeans, canola and mustard seed. Celebrating Biodiesel Day is a great way to remind us to keep the environment clean, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil while commemorating the birth of Rudolph Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, who was born in this day in 1858.

Gift Guidelines

  • Gas Gift Card
  • Bio-Diesel T-shirt
  • Diesel fueled vehicle!!!

March Info & More Holidays

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