National Be Heard Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 7th


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About the Holiday

National Be Heard Day is a day to celebrate entrepreneurs and small businesses. They have to compete with corporate giants and usually don't get the media and press coverage like the big fish do. Today they should look to get some publicity and tell their story about the products and services they provide. This is the day small businesses should "be heard".

According to the US Small Business Association "In 2009, there were 27.5 million businesses in the United States" and "Small businesses employ about half of U.S. workers." For more stats on small businesses in the USA visit or Independent We Stand.

Thinking of starting your own business, below are some helpful articles from the SBA...

Gift Guidelines

  • Pay for a small business to do a press release
  • Visit/buy from a local mom and pop store
  • Tell friends about a local business

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