Multiple Personality Day

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When Celebrated

Always on March 5th


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About the Holiday

Multiple Personality Day is the day to celebrate with all the voices in your head. The more the merrier! Everyone knows someone that they believe to have multiple personalities, and today is the day to pay tribute to whoever they happen to be today. On the good side, you finally get to let your inner voices loose for the day to have some fun. On the bad side, you may end up having to buy gifts for each personality.

In all seriousness, Multiple Personality Disorder is a severe condition that is difficult to diagnose, and was renamed in 1994 to Dissociative Identity Disorder. On this day, we celebrate the non-clinical, mild version that affects most people from time to time.

Gift Guidelines

  • Voices in my Head T-Shirt
  • Health & Wellness Magazine
  • Therapy

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