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When Celebrated

Always on May 1st


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About the Holiday

May Day is a celebration of Spring that has European origins in pre-Christian times. Nowadays in the US, one custom associated with this holiday is to anonymously leave a May Basket containing flowers and/or candy at someone's doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away. If the recipient catches you, then a kiss would be exchanged. Though, this custom isn't widespread and appears to be in decline.

Originally, May Day was pagan celebration tied with the festival of Flora in Rome and the Walpurgis Night celebrations in Germanic countries. European and US celebrations of past eras and modern day vary considerably in depending on the region.

Gift Guidelines

  • Basket of flowers and/or candy left anonymously at someone's doorstep

May Info & More Holidays

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Apr 20 - May 20


May 21 - Jun 21