Lost Sock Memorial Day

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When Celebrated

Always on May 9th


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About the Holiday

On Lost Sock Memorial Day, we throw away all those lonely socks that don't have a match. You know, the ones where you put a pair in the dryer but only one comes out. Is there really a dryer gremlin, or is it just an old wives tale? If it's just a tale, where did the other sock go? We seem to hang onto that one sock with the hope the other sock will find its way home. Sometimes they do but more often the unmatched socks just seem to pile up. Clean out that drawer today and put all your lonely socks out of their misery of missing their mate. Or as an alternative to just throwing them away, here are some other ideas to give them a new life...

  • Make sock puppets or sock babies out of them; or donate them to someone who does
  • Cut a seam in them and use them as rags
  • Fill with beads and make a hacky sack
  • Fill with rice or wheat and sew opening to make a muscle relaxing pack
  • Sew together to make a blanket, quilt or a throw
  • Put an empty water bottle in and and tie the end to make a dog toy
  • And many more sock recycling ideas at wikihow.com

Gift Guidelines

  • Make something with the orphaned socks and give them as a gift
  • New pair of socks

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