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When Celebrated

Always on July 20th


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About the Holiday

Lollipop Day celebrates a childhood favorite candy, the lollipop; or to some the sucker or sticky-pop. Lollipops may even be partially responsible for helping the last few generations of kids be less afraid of going to the doctor as lollipops were/are commonly used as a bribe by doctors for a child being good during their visit. The term Lollipop was coined by George Smith in 1931 who, as legend has it, named the candy after his favorite horse Lolly Pop.

There is also a Lollipop Day that is celebrated in Ireland to help raise awareness and funding for Oesophageal Cancer. It was first celebrated in 2001 and is usually observed in late February or early March. More information on the Ireland version of this holiday can be found on this website.

Gift Guidelines

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