Left Hander's Day

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When Celebrated

Always on August 13th


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About the Holiday

Left Hander's Day is for all the southpaws or lefties of the world. It is estimated that about 13% of the population is left handed and that it's genetic. For a left handed person, everyday is a challenge living in a right handed world. From the time you start school to your everyday life you face obstacles. Ever see a left handed school desk? Trying to cut with right handed scissors is almost impossible. Even writing, lefties look like they are going to break their wrist.

The awareness of left handedness has risen over the years with products designed for left handed use (though, they cost more), books on how a right handed person can teach a left handed child to perform everyday tasks and this day being dedicated to left handed people.

Famous left-handers include 5 of our last 7 US Presidents -- Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford -- as well as Henry Ford, Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Matthew Broderick and Tom Cruise. A comprehensive list of famous left-handers can be found here.

Right handed people use the left side of the brain, left handed people use the right side of the brain. This means, left handed people are the only ones in their right mind.

Gift Guidelines

  • Anything made for a left handed person

August Info & More Holidays

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