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When Celebrated

Always on June 25th


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About the Holiday

LEON Day marks the half-year point for Christmas. There's a lot of Christmas in July marketing promotions, but June 25th is the official mid-point. Why the name LEON Day for this holiday? Because LEON is NOEL, the French word for Christmas, spelled backwards. We're not sure of the holiday's origin, though it does seem to have some pull with the crafters who like to start early when thinking about ideas for homemade ornaments, cards and decorations.

So while Santa is working on his tan, here's your official reminder that the beginnings of the holiday hoopla isn't too far away. Actually, with the Christmas marketing engine starting earlier and earlier each year, it can make one wonder if it's not long before this date becomes the official kickoff to the holiday marketing season (jk, we hope not).

In any case, there's only 182.5 shopping days left. If you're the motivated type, you can probably get some killer deals this time of the year on your Christmas supplies and decor. If not, there's still lots of stress-free procrastination time left. :)

Gift Guidelines

  • Christmas craft supplies
  • Christmas decor
  • Wrapping paper
  • Christmas stockings

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